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Jurassic Park Hangman

A retro-styled version of the game "Hangman," themed after the film "Jurassic Park."

Jurassic Park Hangman was built in Python using primarily the Arcade library, among others, for its design and functionality.

A core aspect of its development is that OpenAI's ChatGPT was utilized to generate and troubleshoot the code, as well as for debating different elements of the game design.

The game features multiple difficulties, multiple levels, and multiple win conditions where players can beat each level by correctly guessing each letter before time or attempts run out, or by using the "Solve" function to guess the entire word for extra points.

Additionally, the game features a complete point and high score system where players can save their initials and qualifying score. Players who earn more than 80% of the points possible in a given play-through unlock a special congratulations screen and link to a special message.

The game also features sound effects in the main loop, as well as different music from the film on each screen. There is also a secret easter egg that is revealed when a player presses to specific keys together on the main menu.

Currently, only a video demo and images are available, but downloadable and playable web versions are currently in development.

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